Designer Bag Wish List

I have this list wandering in my mind for a while now and somehow it bothers me. Lol! Might as well do a post about it right? I don't think it differs a lot from my previous list though.

1. Chanel Classic Flap - medium, caviar, black with GHW
This couldn't get anymore classic that the bag itself. Although I have been liking the Mini version of it more recently. With the price difference and the capacity, it seems like the mini one gets another point from me.

Also, I have been considering to get the WOC. I must say, getting a WOC is trickier.
Other Designer brands have this too - I have been eyeing on the YSL one.
I know Gucci and Dior have WOC too.
Different price point but the capacity are almost the same for each.
It's either to go with the Designer name or the price.
What would you do?

Chanel WOC or YSL WOC?

2. Louis Vuitton Alma BB - preferably in navy or red

Yes yes, I know I already have one in the PM size which means that this purchase will only be justifiable if I sell my PM. But I love my PM so much because of the sentimental value in it. My husband bought it for me while he was in Rome? *LOL!* Anyway, he bought it for me years ago and I plan to keep it in my collection. Unfortunately, he also said if I want to get the BB one, I need to sell the PM one. I will have to think hard about that. I hardly use the bag too. The bag is still in excellent condition. Will send it to LV for bag spa. Still deciding on this one. We'll see how it goes.

3. Chloe Drew bag in Mini size

Again, no surprise there. I have been wanting this bag for ages too. In their neutral colour - either blush/powder pink or grey. Love both!!!

4. Celine belt bag in Nano size

This one is a new addition to this list. I tried this bag while I was browsing around Harrods to find my birthday bag - unfortunately I haven't been able to decide. I love this bag and the look of it. The capacity is a win for 1,300 worth of bag. Again, I don't mind getting this bag in the neutral colour - grey maybe. 

5. Strathberry East/West Mini

I'm currently addicted to see Meghan Markle fashion especially the handbag she carries. I've seen her wearing this bag and I love it!!! Can't decide between the red ruby or bottle green - like the one she wears! Adding a green bag to the collection should be fine right? But the red colour is beautiful too!!!

That's it! These are the bags that are currently in my wish list. 😍

These are the bags that I currently have in my collection.

and I added this one last May. LOVE IT!!!

xx E