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Hello London!

My family and I are currently living in London. Why? My husband got posted to work here. Did I resign from work? Yes, I did. Because I worked with a private company, I was not given the benefit of unpaid/ sabbatical leave. Did I regret it? Well, you may ask the question after one year. Maybe I will have the answer by then.
I guess I lied in my last post. I wasn't back at all. But now, I really miss writing. When I was a student here in the UK, I used to write a lot. I shared my travel experiences and the boring student life abroad.

It has been more than a month now since we arrived. My kids and I. It has been 5 weeks to be exact. Iman came here a month early than us. Then he went back to Brunei to 'pick' us up. Mostly because he knew I wouldn't be able to handle the kids during the long haul flight to London. At first I thought I can but I guess he loves me so much to know me that well.

We arrived few days before Ramadan starts. My parents in laws was already here to …