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Designer Bag Wish List

I have this list wandering in my mind for a while now and somehow it bothers me. Lol! Might as well do a post about it right? I don't think it differs a lot from my previous list though.

1. Chanel Classic Flap - medium, caviar, black with GHW This couldn't get anymore classic that the bag itself. Although I have been liking the Mini version of it more recently. With the price difference and the capacity, it seems like the mini one gets another point from me.

Also, I have been considering to get the WOC. I must say, getting a WOC is trickier. Other Designer brands have this too - I have been eyeing on the YSL one. I know Gucci and Dior have WOC too. Different price point but the capacity are almost the same for each. It's either to go with the Designer name or the price. What would you do?
Chanel WOC or YSL WOC?
2. Louis Vuitton Alma BB - preferably in navy or red
Yes yes, I know I already have one in the PM size which means that this purchase will only be justifiable if I sel…

Hello London!

My family and I are currently living in London. Why? My husband got posted to work here. Did I resign from work? Yes, I did. Because I worked with a private company, I was not given the benefit of unpaid/ sabbatical leave. Did I regret it? Well, you may ask the question after one year. Maybe I will have the answer by then.
I guess I lied in my last post. I wasn't back at all. But now, I really miss writing. When I was a student here in the UK, I used to write a lot. I shared my travel experiences and the boring student life abroad.

It has been more than a month now since we arrived. My kids and I. It has been 5 weeks to be exact. Iman came here a month early than us. Then he went back to Brunei to 'pick' us up. Mostly because he knew I wouldn't be able to handle the kids during the long haul flight to London. At first I thought I can but I guess he loves me so much to know me that well.

We arrived few days before Ramadan starts. My parents in laws was already here to …