Newly Added

Lol I didn't even know what to write for the title!

About 9 weeks ago, I posted this bag in my IG. The lust list.

Just few days ago I found out that LV actually has similar bag for their Spring/Summer 2015 collection which I believe it was released last month. Maybe the fashion show was done few months back. *need to do more research*

Unfortunately both LV and MK did not release any colours that caught my attention to add in my collection. For now, I shall wait until they come up with colours that I want ;)

DO YOU LIKE THIS BAG? I do!!! Hehe.. This bag actually reminds me of Hermes Kelly which is wayyyyy expensive. I'm so glad that LV made this bag in Epi leather - it's very durable and the leather will still looks new even after years of usage.


  1. The LV bag looks so gorgeous! My cousin bought the MK bag in Philippines and htey have that colour! Though quite expensive. I think it's around BND600!!! I bought one too - and didn't do my research and ended paying up the high price! :( Oh well, lessons learnt! :)

  2. Nice looking bag ever seen. Specially I like to use the bag very much. That's really a great post.boutiqueken


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