Cash Envelope System by Dave Ramsey

While I was watching videos on Konmari method, I also saw "Cash Envelope System" at the side of Youtube as recommended videos. Of course the curious cat in me, I had to watch the videos (plural, ok?) on that as well for days!!! After all of the spending for Raya for the last few months, I need to get back to savings so I decided to try the Cash Envelope System. For the last couple of weeks, I have managed to track my expenses and save at the same time. We have a family trip coming so I need to save as much as I can and also for the handbags wish list that never ends. *lol*

This is how I use the Cash Envelope System in my wallet rather than using the real envelopes ;)

HOW DO YOU BUDGET AND TRACK YOUR EXPENSES? I have always written a monthly budget in my planner but I never track or limit my expenses after that. -___- This system has helped me track my expenses to make sure I do not overspend on my allocated budget. :D Yayyy!!!