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Cash Envelope System by Dave Ramsey

While I was watching videos on Konmari method, I also saw "Cash Envelope System" at the side of Youtube as recommended videos. Of course the curious cat in me, I had to watch the videos (plural, ok?) on that as well for days!!! After all of the spending for Raya for the last few months, I need to get back to savings so I decided to try the Cash Envelope System. For the last couple of weeks, I have managed to track my expenses and save at the same time. We have a family trip coming so I need to save as much as I can and also for the handbags wish list that never ends. *lol*

This is how I use the Cash Envelope System in my wallet rather than using the real envelopes ;)

HOW DO YOU BUDGET AND TRACK YOUR EXPENSES? I have always written a monthly budget in my planner but I never track or limit my expenses after that. -___- This system has helped me track my expenses to make sure I do not overspend on my allocated budget. :D Yayyy!!!

Tidying up with Konmari method

I think every weekend in Ramadhan, husband and I did few rounds of tidying up our room. We are still currently staying with my parents. We have the biggest room in the upper level of the house. My two sisters still have their rooms as well even though they have their own place already. But we have two extra rooms for storage; one was actually the smallest room and it belongs to my youngest sister to put her husband work stuffs previously and the other is store room with a lot of old junks. So we cleared the latter room and turned it into our wardrobe room. This project really takes a while to complete! Just because we didn't prepare a budget for it as it was supposed to be a playroom for our kids but we decided otherwise.

While I was tidying up our clothes, purged old clothings, I came across an organization video using the Konmari method. The idea is to tidy once and yiu'll be organize forever. She did her organisation by categories; clothes, books, etc.. But we need to do it…

Newly Added

Lol I didn't even know what to write for the title!

About 9 weeks ago, I posted this bag in my IG. The lust list.

Just few days ago I found out that LV actually has similar bag for their Spring/Summer 2015 collection which I believe it was released last month. Maybe the fashion show was done few months back. *need to do more research*

Unfortunately both LV and MK did not release any colours that caught my attention to add in my collection. For now, I shall wait until they come up with colours that I want ;)
DO YOU LIKE THIS BAG? I do!!! Hehe.. This bag actually reminds me of Hermes Kelly which is wayyyyy expensive. I'm so glad that LV made this bag in Epi leather - it's very durable and the leather will still looks new even after years of usage.