KK Annual Short Vacation

We had another long weekend due to Royal Brunei Armed Force Anniversary public holiday. My family and I decided to have a short trip to KK. One year ago we also went to KK, no where else after that. Plus, it was still Iman's birthday month. Hehe. Part of his birthday celebration.

To my suprise, there are few new shopping malls just opened and they even have Michael Kors now!!! I knew they have Coach but Michael Kors and Sephora!!! I don't have to go to KL just to get my makeup and skincare fix. Although I do wish they open Nars in KK as well. Haha greedy this lady! So, I spent about B$300 (mayyyybe a bit more) on makeup and skincare. And a lot of clothing for Iqbal and Amni. Dinosaurs and cat. They have a theme now. -____-'

Til next time KK. Not going to stay in One Borneo ever again. Hahha