Bags Ticked-Off the List

It was in April when I bought my grey Modalu tote bag. Turqoise suede interior. Had my initials hot-stamped. Such a sucker for hot-stamping :P

About a month after, I bought Prada BN1801 in Cammeo. It's preloved but I still love her soo much! Been wanting to have her the longest time. My first post on this bag was [here] dated 23rd Nov 2012. Finallyyy I have her in my collection. Yayyy!!! :D I had few rounds of discussion with few people before decided to finally get her. Lucky I have them to thank and blame them :P Hehehehe

And recently, about two weeks ago I placed my order at Cambridge Satchel. I bought the Push Lock satchel (?) in Jet Blue. Again, had my initials hot-stamped. I've been wanting to get her for the past few months. Then I saw two of Iman's friends had it. But I wasn't ready to buy it full priced because I've seen her on sale! I was patiently waiting for the right moment! So when I received an email that they are having preview Summer sale, I just HAD to get it. Haha I even had it gift box with message "HAPPY BIRTHDAY EFFA!!!" :P #frommyselftome

Anddd I still have more bags to tick off the list! The never-ending-list!

p/s I'm still waiting another birthday gift to come tomorrow. SLG. Starting my SLGs collection now. :D


  1. Your Modalu is so pretty. I saw Modalu handbags during my holiday last yr but didn't bought any because i'm not so into them, but now I regretted it :( haha


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