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Turning 29

Final year being twenties. Sighs! I'm going to enjoy and shop like nobody business. Lol. Such a drama queen.

First surprise from my dearest husband. A bouquet of roses and a beautiful necklace. *senyum sampai telinga* Finally getting flowers from husband after so longgg! :D
On my actual birthday, we had sungkai at iLotus with my family and parents-in-law. And I saw my birthday cake surprise! I kinda expected it though.. Hehe nonetheless, it was a yummy surprise.
So that's how I spent my birthday. A wonderful day with my beloved people. I wouldn't want it any other way. Thank you so much Syggg! You definitely out-do me this year! *kisses*

Bags Ticked-Off the List

It was in April when I bought my grey Modalu tote bag. Turqoise suede interior. Had my initials hot-stamped. Such a sucker for hot-stamping :P

About a month after, I bought Prada BN1801 in Cammeo. It's preloved but I still love her soo much! Been wanting to have her the longest time. My first post on this bag was [here] dated 23rd Nov 2012. Finallyyy I have her in my collection. Yayyy!!! :D I had few rounds of discussion with few people before decided to finally get her. Lucky I have them to thank and blame them :P Hehehehe

And recently, about two weeks ago I placed my order at Cambridge Satchel. I bought the Push Lock satchel (?) in Jet Blue. Again, had my initials hot-stamped. I've been wanting to get her for the past few months. Then I saw two of Iman's friends had it. But I wasn't ready to buy it full priced because I've seen her on sale! I was patiently waiting for the right moment! So when I received an email that they are having preview Summer sale, I just H…

KK Annual Short Vacation

We had another long weekend due to Royal Brunei Armed Force Anniversary public holiday. My family and I decided to have a short trip to KK. One year ago we also went to KK, no where else after that. Plus, it was still Iman's birthday month. Hehe. Part of his birthday celebration.

To my suprise, there are few new shopping malls just opened and they even have Michael Kors now!!! I knew they have Coach but Michael Kors and Sephora!!! I don't have to go to KL just to get my makeup and skincare fix. Although I do wish they open Nars in KK as well. Haha greedy this lady! So, I spent about B$300 (mayyyybe a bit more) on makeup and skincare. And a lot of clothing for Iqbal and Amni. Dinosaurs and cat. They have a theme now. -____-'

Til next time KK. Not going to stay in One Borneo ever again. Hahha

Ayah's 30th Birthday

Dearest Husband turned 30 years old last 20th May.

The day before I went to that balloon place in Menglait - can't remember the name - to make him bouquet of balloons. I also went to Fleur De Lys to get his favourite Mango Cheesecake. Too bad they didn't have the smaller cake. So I bought a slice and order the smaller one to be pick up the next day, on his birthday.

We actually slept during midnight so I didn't get to wish him. Or maybe I did and I just forgot. Haha. Anyway, the next morning I prepared him a breakfast - bouquet of balloons and a slice of cake. Hehe..

I also had a 'quiet' lunch with him.  Lunch date. And after work, we finally get to celebrate his birthday with the kids. 

He hates it when I mentioned "thirty" Hahaha. In denial this man. But age is just a number. You've definitely have become wiser by the age Sygg.. Happy Birthday again to the love of my life, my favourite man in the world and father to my children. We love you more than…