My Second... wait! THIRD Mother's Day!

1*It's not even my third.. In fact, it's my FOURTH! Lol! I've lost count :P*

It was rather like a normal weekend. Like always, Sundays are the day we went back to my in-laws' place, have lunch and spend some quality time with my sibling-in-laws, nephews and nieces and of course catching up with my parents-in-law too. It's more like catching up with my mother-in-law's cooking TBH. She's the best cook!

But last Sunday they were still on business trip so we didn't go back instead we celebrated Mother's Day. And of we went to spend some family time together but of course, after I had finished my house chores. Phewh!

First we went to Supa Save Mabohai because a dear friend tagged me to a Luxury Preloved Sale so I decided to check out but none caught my interest.

Then the day before, I received a message from Joenah Boutique (and they sell Melissa shoes that I'm currently addicted to especially for Amni!) that they will be having a 50% sale in conjunction with Mother's Day. Of course I'm going to take this chance but unfortunately the pair that I've been eyeing for Amni ran out of her size. Bummer! I picked out another pair and match it with mine. Heee~ That's Amni's 5th pair of Mini Melissa! :D

After that, my parents, my family and I (and also, my sister Ain and her family) decided to have a hi-tea at Anjung Saujana. We love that place for hi-tea! Especially their hi-tea set for two. Such a great deal. But yesterday we kinda have a late lunch kinda food. Haha.. We were really hungry after all that shopping! :P

So that is how I spent my third year as a Mother this year. Even received gifts from Dear Husband. Thank you Dear Husband, Son and Daughter for making me a MOM. Ibu love all of you. With all my heart. *kiss kiss kiss*

Happy Mother's Day to all SUPERMOMS out there! :D