Beach Fun Times

We went to the beach again last Sunday. Berakas Forest Reserve to be exact. It was our second time to bring the kids to the beach. They love it so much!

When we first went there few weeks ago, Iqbal only played with the sand trying to built sand castle and all. We were totally not prepared but we had so much fun. Amni being the brave one, love to walk along the beach. We didn't bring any spare clothes or anything.

So the second time we were a little bit prepared. HAHA! Iqbal had his sand castle tools ready with few trucks he planned to bring. While for Amni, she just need spare clothes. And of course, the second time around Amni and Iqbal went for a swim. And they enjoyed their time more. But I don't like the saltwater.

Hopefully for the third time and next(s!), we will be more prepared and more people will join us. :D