Loose Flats

I have to be honest. I'm an avid online shopper. I love shopping online!!! That's mainly because one, the price are a lot cheaper, second is I can't find my size here especially clothing (excluding pants/ jeans obviously!), make up and skincare that beauty bloggers/ youtubers highly raved about, designer handbags and shoes, you know just about almost everything that I can't get my hands here.

Even with so many advantages (especially during sales that tempt me so much every time!!! *sighs*), more often than not I made wrong decisions.  Too big. Too small. Too loose. Too fit. Just recently when I thought it's finally safe to buy flats online, I now have a pair of loose flats that will be collecting dust on my shelves. Urgh! That really annoys me! I mean it should fits, I don't understand why it won't. *sighs*

Anyone wants to buy these flats? Brand new. Unused. It's in size UK3. Selling it for B$75.


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