February Update

I really miss writing. I told my husband this evening that I wanted to blog. "Can you please give me some time to blog tonight?" :P That's just how busy I am with life these days. Work, picking up Iqbal from school then continue working and staying back because I need to pay back the time, at home trying to spend some time with the kids before their bedtime. House chores. By the end of the day, I feel really exhausted. Some days I wish I can be a housewife again. :/

Despite that I really love my life. My two kids - they are a little bit of everything. Lovely and wonderful but sometimes they are just in between. :P Haha..

Last week Dear Husband had a work trip after almost two years not having to go overseas for conference or training. I was really hoping that the kids will behave while their daddy is away. In fact, they did. I was really surprised. Alhamdulillah.. Funny how different they are when their daddy is around. Lol!

Anyway, I finally bought SF Bermuda! After contemplating for so long on the size, I'm glad that it actually fits nicely. Loooove! Thank you Sayangggg... :D And I actually want more of them. How's this?!! Hehe.. I think I should change my blog title to "Shopaholic Petite Mom" Watchu think? :P

Husband whatsapp me his unboxing pictures * lol*


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