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Matchy Matchy

I have been buying online for myself and Amni lately. My soon-to-be shopping partner. *big grins*

Few weeks back I bought the same style of dress with my baby girl from Poplook. And shoes from Mel by Melissa. I find it satisfying and sweet! :P

Been doing a few trips on online shopping for clothing too recently. Poplook. Zalora. I just feel like I needed to add few new pieces into the collection. The usual excuse "I have nothing to wear" kinda moment. And sometimes I wear them to work too with slack pants instead of jeans. So I had to. ;)

Oh! I finally went ahead placed an order for my Modalu tote. Just because they have additional discounts for this weekend. :DD (Although I feel like I might be ordering another one after I got my Raya bag :PP Lol!)

An Everyday Tote

I'm in a midst of trying to decide which tote handbags to choose. I was previously torn between Tory Burch Small York tote and Kate Spade Mini Cedar tote. TB still have the colour that I want i.e. Navy but Iman says the logo is not appropriate and on the other hand, KS does not have the Burgundy colour anymore.

As much as I want to buy Louis Vuitton Totally DE or Gucci Swing tote, I just do not want to spend so much on bags that other designers have. Seriously, they all are the same, if not similar. As my husband would say, it's only different designers and the quality are the same too, it totally depends on how to took care of the bags. Does he make any sense?!! *lol*

So when I received an email from Modalu England on their sale, I can't help but to check it out. I scroll down the bags and saw their Modalu Heirloom collection are on sale and it's marked with "limited stock". *gasps* I want to buy this bag. There goes TB and KS.

I have been eyeing on this col…

Loose Flats

I have to be honest. I'm an avid online shopper. I love shopping online!!! That's mainly because one, the price are a lot cheaper, second is I can't find my size here especially clothing (excluding pants/ jeans obviously!), make up and skincare that beauty bloggers/ youtubers highly raved about, designer handbags and shoes, you know just about almost everything that I can't get my hands here.

Even with so many advantages (especially during sales that tempt me so much every time!!! *sighs*), more often than not I made wrong decisions.  Too big. Too small. Too loose. Too fit. Just recently when I thought it's finally safe to buy flats online, I now have a pair of loose flats that will be collecting dust on my shelves. Urgh! That really annoys me! I mean it should fits, I don't understand why it won't. *sighs*

Anyone wants to buy these flats? Brand new. Unused. It's in size UK3. Selling it for B$75.

February Update

I really miss writing. I told my husband this evening that I wanted to blog. "Can you please give me some time to blog tonight?" :P That's just how busy I am with life these days. Work, picking up Iqbal from school then continue working and staying back because I need to pay back the time, at home trying to spend some time with the kids before their bedtime. House chores. By the end of the day, I feel really exhausted. Some days I wish I can be a housewife again. :/

Despite that I really love my life. My two kids - they are a little bit of everything. Lovely and wonderful but sometimes they are just in between. :P Haha..

Last week Dear Husband had a work trip after almost two years not having to go overseas for conference or training. I was really hoping that the kids will behave while their daddy is away. In fact, they did. I was really surprised. Alhamdulillah.. Funny how different they are when their daddy is around. Lol!

Anyway, I finally bought SF Bermuda! After con…