Tag: Love it, Need it, Want it

I saw videos on this tag recently. Handbags related. I'm really interested to answer it (definitely not going to film it!). I feel it will make me realised two things. First, what I have that I should be happy and grateful about and secondly, what I want (especially in my wish list) that I need to review and think about it more.

So here are the questions;

1. What are you currently in LOVE with that you already own?
~ My Chanel PST.

2. What would you LOVE to buy that is on your wish list?
~ I have a longggg wish list for sure! This includes Chanel Classic Flap in M/L, Chanel Boy in old Medium, Lady Dior, LV Capucines, Prada BN1801, Givenchy Mini Antigona and Fendi Petit 2Jours.

3. What does your makeup collection NEED at the moment?
~ Hourglass Ambient Blush palette that I missed! Every where is already sold out now! :(

4. What do you NEED to add to your handbag collection?
~ Smaller handbags. Mini ones especially for Amni :P And a new tote for everyday use, I'm torn between Tory Burch York tote and Kate Spade Mini Cedar tote. Hmm...

5. What do you WANT to add to your wardrobe?
~ Jeans. I only have few Levi's so I need more.

6. What do you WANT to add to your small leather goods collection?
~ Chanel wallet or LV Emilie wallet ;)

7. What are your dreams and aspirations for the coming year 2015?
~ It's 2015 already. So, other than being a better mom, a better muslimah, a better employee.. I want to be able to think more rationale (might not applicable in handbag department. Lol!). And I want to have a short holiday with just my husband. Although it'll be hard for me to leave the kids. :(

8. What is on your to do list for the new year 2015?
~ Family holiday!!! :D

9. Holiday plans for 2015.
~ Well, to visit places instead of just shopping. Aquaria KLCC would be nice for Iqbal and Amni. Zoo. Universal Studios. Those places that excites our kids.

10. Where would you LOVE to go on a holiday?
~ For now, let's just go to somewhere near. Miri. KK. KL. Singapore. After what had happened to Air Asia, it'll take a while.

11. Is there anything on your bucket list that you would like to tick off this year?
~ To wear bold colour lipsticks. HAHA!

Feel free to answer the tag. I would love to read your answers!


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