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New Home Needed

After a lot of thinking and debating with myself, I have finally decided to sell two of my hardly used handbags.

1. Michael Kors Large Selma in Navy Bought : Apr 2012 from Kaki Kecil Paid : B$600 Reason for selling: The bag is rather large on me. Feel heavy when I stuff it. Hence, I hardly use it. Still in pristine condition as it has always been sitting in its dustbag on my shelf. Exterior and interior are clean. Leather have soften, not as stiff when I first got it. Slight scratch on the zipper pull. Selling price: B$400 SOLD

2. Sofina 2.1 in Purple Bought : Jan 2014 Paid : B$65 Reason for selling : It's huge for my petite frame. As much as I love Vivy, this bag unfortunately does not get much love from me. It's been hanging unused. Selling price: B$30
If any of you are interested, please email me for further details or maybe more pictures. I will post the bag to you for free.

Tag: Love it, Need it, Want it

I saw videos on this tag recently. Handbags related. I'm really interested to answer it (definitely not going to film it!). I feel it will make me realised two things. First, what I have that I should be happy and grateful about and secondly, what I want (especially in my wish list) that I need to review and think about it more.

So here are the questions;

1. What are you currently in LOVE with that you already own?
~ My Chanel PST.

2. What would you LOVE to buy that is on your wish list?
~ I have a longggg wish list for sure! This includes Chanel Classic Flap in M/L, Chanel Boy in old Medium, Lady Dior, LV Capucines, Prada BN1801, Givenchy Mini Antigona and Fendi Petit 2Jours.

3. What does your makeup collection NEED at the moment?
~ Hourglass Ambient Blush palette that I missed! Every where is already sold out now! :(

4. What do you NEED to add to your handbag collection?
~ Smaller handbags. Mini ones especially for Amni :P And a new tote for everyday use, I'm torn between To…

2014 Makeup Favourites

To start of the new year I thought it would be nice to take a look back to all my favourite things for 2014. Happy New Year everyone. My family and I spent the night cuddling each other and snoring away in our bed when the rest of the world are celebrating. We're definitely too old for this already. 

It has been rather a slow discovery on the make up bits last year. Towards the end of the year, I've started to fill in my brows to make it look more groom. Thanks to my colleague who's sitting next to me in the office *lol* While on the skincare department, I have been getting my hormonal pimples since I had my IUCD done. *sighs* Been treating my face most of the time and sticking to the products that still works. 

So without further ado here goes the long list...

Best Sunscreen - Shiseido Perfect UV Protector SPF50+ Best Primer - Bourjois Happy Light Luminous Serum Primer
Best Foundation - CHANEL Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation in B20 and Nars Sheer Glow in Deauville (new fav!…