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Highlight for 2014

Early this year, I posted [here] "2014 The Year of Self Improvement" and I only mentioned 4 things that I wanted to improve. That much I had in my mind on that day. -__-"
Alhamdulillah this year has been more wonderful with Nur Amni Thaqifah around. Even though it means double the trouble and mess. Lol! We're still enjoying her baby stage even though she has turned one year old. She can't talk back to me yet like Ahmad Iqbal. I'm glad!! Haha.. But she's very smart. And an early riser too! Ahmad Iqbal is very smart too. Oh! Both of them ada dua pusar on their head which people always say, gauk "naughty" nie drg ani. But according to Dato Dr Hj Fadzillah Kamsah, they are actually two times smarter and have higher IQ (and EQ, I hope!) too. Whichever it is, insya Allah we will try to guide them to the best path possible both worldly and for hereafter. 

Looking back, I definitely managed to get my driving license. Alhamdulillah.. Finally! But I got hi…

Disney Princesses and Superheroes Birthday Party!

Since both Iqbal and Amni were born in the same month, we decided to celebrate their birthdays together. I didn't have much time to plan though.
We planned to have a party at a playground. At first, we wanted to have a pool kinda party but since it has been raining the past month, we cancelled it. So playground it is. We ordered cakes from Bakerlyn (3 years straight!!!), then bottle wrapper and cupcake topper with to match the theme, which Iqbal eventually choose Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.
Alhamdulillah the party went better than expected. Especially guests attendance. Really happy to see everyone who came. Seeing the kids having fun in the playground. Such a blessing. Just a small celebration next year I think. Hehe..