Ahmad Iqbal turns 3!

Mini celebration for Iqbal tonight for his 3rd birthday. Next year he'll starts school and that will definitely be another milestone and adventure for us as parents. *deep breath* Haha.. He's a big boy now. Time flies~ I still remember how cute and adorable he was when he was little. Keke.. And he still is! Just a little different. He has a good sense of humour too, although still naughty sometimes towards his sister. He loves attention, that's for sure! -__-"

Happy Birthday babyboy! Ibu doakan Iqbal jadi anak yang baik, penyayang, hormat orang lain, pandai, dimurahkan rezeki, dirahmati dan dilindungi Allah selalu.. Aamiin!!! Ibu, ayah and Amni love you so so much Abang!!! :D *lots of hugs and kisses*