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Ahmad Iqbal turns 3!

Mini celebration for Iqbal tonight for his 3rd birthday. Next year he'll starts school and that will definitely be another milestone and adventure for us as parents. *deep breath* Haha.. He's a big boy now. Time flies~ I still remember how cute and adorable he was when he was little. Keke.. And he still is! Just a little different. He has a good sense of humour too, although still naughty sometimes towards his sister. He loves attention, that's for sure! -__-"

Happy Birthday babyboy! Ibu doakan Iqbal jadi anak yang baik, penyayang, hormat orang lain, pandai, dimurahkan rezeki, dirahmati dan dilindungi Allah selalu.. Aamiin!!! Ibu, ayah and Amni love you so so much Abang!!! :D *lots of hugs and kisses*

Blush Palettes

I posted this picture on IG about a week ago. I'm so in love! They are so pretty!
That's the thing about holiday collection. I just love them all. Last year I love their eye palettes and managed to get few. This year is the blush palettes. I got one of these blush palettes already. Tarte. :DDDD I'm still torn with Benefit because of the packaging and Hourglass because of the price. Hmm..

An Afternoon in the Park

There have been many times that we wanted to bring the kids to the park. Tapi selalunya inda jadi. Why? Because the kids were sleeping in the car. Today they were but it was over an hour, so we just woke them up.
Amni was really excited. She didn't want me to carry her, instead she wanted to walk. Walk on the grass some more. Pavement is too mainstream for her. Lol! While on the other hand, Iqbal wanted his dad to carry him. Haha! Ok lah, he just woke up anyway. Manja-er ok!
I'm so glad that we finally able to bring them to the park. Taman Jubilee to be exact. They had fun playing at the playground. Not much socialising though especially Iqbal. -_-"
Enjoy the rest of your weekend loves!

Amni Thaqifah turns One!

Time sure flies. Where has the one year gone to? I can't believe that my baby girl is already one!

The second child. She sure is braver than her brother. Started walking earlier than her brother. Very 'dramatic' especially before or after her brother 'hits' or 'pushes' her. Sometimes she even smartly lay down first before Iqbal can pushes her. Lol! She knows how to save herself these days. Except when she didn't expect his brother to do it. There's just so much thing to talk about Amni. She's very smart, brave and independent, that's for sure.

We had a mini celebration at home tonight. It's funny to see how she was amaze looking at the candle lit. While Iqbal at the other end, kept on blowing the candle whenever he had the chance. So much happiness looking at them both, made me feel really blessed. Alhamdulillah.. I can't thank Allah enough for all the things that He gave us. I hope I can be a good mother to them first then a friend …