Family Planning

I don't think we had a proper family planning after we had Iqbal. I was fully breastfeeding him for a year and over, so that was somewhat our family planning. When Iqbal turns one year old, I had my first period after so long. And I believe that was my only period because after that we found out that we're pregnant with Baby Amni.

This time around is however different. I'm not able to fully breastfeed Baby Amni. Only at night. And I had my period when Amni was only 9 months. So obviously, we do not want another baby anytime soon. That's when we started talking about doing family planning.

I believe there are few options for family planning - tablets, injection (depo) and also IUCD. I settled on IUCD although the idea is quite scary. Seriously, having something stuck in your uterus is scary! But we want a longer break. For now, we want to give our full attention to both Iqbal and Amni.

I had the procedure done today. The Doctor tried to explain other options since we're still young but we've already decided. The procedure was quick and if you've ever done Pap Smear, it's just like that but a tad bit longer. 5 mins! We were told this method is effective for 5 years and yearly check-ups will be done. The gap we wanted is actually shorter, perhaps 3 or 4 years and guess what? We can request for it to be removed earlier. That's good right? At least I'm worry free. We are, I meant. Especially if I'm taking tablets! - what if I forgot to take it everyday and at the same time?!! It defeats the purpose!

I hope you will not judge me us for doing this. A baby is rezeki from Allah SWT. We know. We are not refusing His rezeki, rather to appreciate and enjoy the rezeki we have now. Family planning is your choice afterall. 


  1. Salaam effa!

    It's me Zati. ;) I decided to comment pasal I am right now searching and trying to figure out what should I take to 'jarakkan' my pregnancy. & since we have two babies already, mau rehat badan and tenaga dulu. hehe. Can you explain lagi about IUCD? is it for long term punya 'break'? Where did you get it done? I'm interested to know more esp when you say it's effective for 5 years (yes, 5 years from now then I'll think abt baby no 3..hehe)

    1. Assalam Zati.

      So sorry for the super late reply. I hope you have done your research on IUCD. I actually had it done in RIPAS, was asked to go there since I finally decided to get it after my post-natal appointments ended. I know few private clinics offer this, Lee Clinic (Dr Avinash) has it for sure.

      Please let me know if you had this done already. Would love to know what you think about it. Hehe


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