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Family Planning

I don't think we had a proper family planning after we had Iqbal. I was fully breastfeeding him for a year and over, so that was somewhat our family planning. When Iqbal turns one year old, I had my first period after so long. And I believe that was my only period because after that we found out that we're pregnant with Baby Amni.

This time around is however different. I'm not able to fully breastfeed Baby Amni. Only at night. And I had my period when Amni was only 9 months. So obviously, we do not want another baby anytime soon. That's when we started talking about doing family planning.
I believe there are few options for family planning - tablets, injection (depo) and also IUCD. I settled on IUCD although the idea is quite scary. Seriously, having something stuck in your uterus is scary! But we want a longer break. For now, we want to give our full attention to both Iqbal and Amni.

I had the procedure done today. The Doctor tried to explain other options since we…

More Bags in My List

Since I am on Ban Island, I thought I should list all the bags that are in my wish list to date. *lol* I mean, how can one have more bags in list after finally getting one the list? *slaps forehead*

Apart from these bags that are high in my wish list in this post [here], Chanel Classic Flap bag and CD Lady Dior bag, I have added few some more in my list.

1. Louis Vuitton Capucines

2. Chanel WOC (or a wallet)

3. Prada BN1801 - still torn in getting this as I have read reviews that the stitching came undone after use

4. Fendi Petit 2Jours

5. Givenchy Antigona in small

I mean, if I could have one bag per designer then yes, the above are the bags I want to have. With exception for Louis Vuitton and Chanel. I want them in more than just a piece in my collection.
So do you have new bags in your list? ;)