More Bags in My List

Since I am on Ban Island, I thought I should list all the bags that are in my wish list to date. *lol* I mean, how can one have more bags in list after finally getting one the list? *slaps forehead*

Apart from these bags that are high in my wish list in this post [here], Chanel Classic Flap bag and CD Lady Dior bag, I have added few some more in my list.

1. Louis Vuitton Capucines

2. Chanel WOC (or a wallet)

3. Prada BN1801 - still torn in getting this as I have read reviews that the stitching came undone after use

4. Fendi Petit 2Jours

5. Givenchy Antigona in small

I mean, if I could have one bag per designer then yes, the above are the bags I want to have. With exception for Louis Vuitton and Chanel. I want them in more than just a piece in my collection.

So do you have new bags in your list? ;)