The Luxury Serum | Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair SynchronizedRecovery Complex II

I finally caved in with the hype around this product. It has only been couple of weeks since I started working and my skin has been feeling dry by the end of the day (end of office hours to be exact!).

I actually have been contemplating to purchase this because I don't think I need this yet. Afterall, I already bought a hydrating serum from Caudalie and another hyped-up product - Hydraluron but I do not have it with me yet. So for the past weeks I have been using the Caudalie serum and unfortunately feel it does nothing with my office central air-conditioned environment.

I have tried this serum couple of times - afterall it's only steps away from my office. See I told you my office surroundings are feeding my skincare and make up addictions. Back to the serum - it feels light, silky, a little tacky but instantly hydrates and moisturises my skin - it tempted me! So much!

My first impression for this product is AHMAZING. I put this on for the first time last night and today, my skin does not feel dry by the end of the day. Mind you, I did not use it this morning. So I replaced my night serum with this and still use Caudalie serum during the day. And today my skin interestingly does not feel dry even until after work. I'm impressed! Of course, this is only my first impression and hoping in a month or so I'd still say the same thing.

I'll come back with another review with this product soon. For now I will be using this diligently every night for at least a month and I'll tell you the verdict by then.

You can get this at Hua Ho Yayasan 30ml for B$115


  1. I used CP+ for day and siuk berabis! halus kulit and pores ani covered.. nice lah.. and ANR at night.. ANR i don't use every night coz macam overdose to a point my face gets really oily.. i wanted to change to SKII coz i heard miracle water nya bagus.. bought it but alum tebuka hati kan cuba coz been using EL for more than 8 years now.. hehe


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