I've Passed

Alhamdulillah.. One of the things in my list for this year is to finally have a driving license. I had my driving test yesterday and the examiner was kind and generous. I'm glad I had him as my examiner as I heard there are strict examiners. I was so nervous while waiting to be called but even more nervous when the examiner told me that he had passed me. Lol!

I have not been diligent with my posts this month. I've realised that I have been posting about skincare and make up. In fact, I actually took my stuffs from that post office for the last few things I ordered last month and early this month. I have one more package that hasn't arrived and they already despatched it on the 14th last month. More than a month already!

Update on the new skincare products I've been using. So far I'm loving most of them. Hehe.. I had breakouts but I think it was because of the mask I've been using. It draws the impurities out which is awesome as the zit has been wanting to come out but hadn't. Clear face now. Woot!