Skincare Matter

I mentioned before that I want to add new products to my skincare routine. I meant it and I researched for it which led me to Caroline Hirons. She's a skincare expert and also, beauty blogger. And apparently, my favourite beauty bloggers (I only started reading their blogs few months ago) are also avid readers of Caroline Hirons's blog. Ok, in short I am a skincare obsess at the moment.

According to Caroline Hirons, this is what our skincare routine should be like;
  1. Cleanse your face with a good non-foaming cleanser (oil/balm/gel - no mineral oil and no fairy liquid).
  2. Exfoliate with an acidic toner.
  3. Spray hydrate.
  4. Apply a light water-based serum to target specific skin conditions (ageing, pigmentation, scarring/dehydration etc) if that is a concern.
  5. Apply either a moisturiser (am) or a facial oil (pm) designed for your skin type.
(points taken directly from Caroline Hirons's blog here).

So for the past weeks I have been reading her blog. Going through all my favourite bloggers' blogs and read all their skincare related posts. Understanding my skin and paying more attention to it. Researching for reviews for recommended products. Shopping the products. And now, waiting patiently for them to arrive. Even worst, I'm looking for alternatives as well. *skincare obsess alert*

Anyway, so the first thing I did to revamp my skincare routine was to change my cleanser to a gel type. The only cleanser I could find in Guardian that is purely a gel type is from Simple. And for the last two weeks, my skin is looking much better. Yay!! :D