2014 The Year of Self Improvement

I had a great New Year celebration with my family yesterday. We spent our day mostly at home - doing the never-ending house chores :P and later in the afternoon, we went to Mangrove Paradise 'resort'. I'm really happy seeing Iqbal enjoying himself in the pool. Of course, daddy was there too and his uncles and aunties. His first swim was on Christmas Day and since then, he's been wanting to have another swimming sesh. We bought him a swimming suit recently hence the excitement. ;) Baby Amni had her afternoon nap when we were there. Very laid back that girl!

I have been trying to think of new resolutions for this year. Is it better to have a monthly resolution or weekly, or daily even (this is too much already!)? Last year's resolutions was not even close to half being a success. -__- So this year, the ones I could think of on top of my head this morning was,
1. to get a driving license (finally!!! at the age of 27!!!)
2. to improve myself at work - Alhamdulillah I finally got a job early last year but I don't think I've done a good job at it. Being a leader and to manage a group of people was not in my expectation. I don't think I can lead. So this year, I'll do my best to lead and do my work. Although seeing the current situation now, I'd prefer to be a SAHM having an active 2yo toddler and 2mo baby and no maid, gives me a hard time leaving them. *wails* *poor Dad*
3. to take care of my skin better. No more neglecting my routine. "You only have one face, why mess with it" - Caroline Hirons. Hmmpfh!
*just thought of another one*
4. to become a better Muslimah. After all, we only have one life so why care the worldly matters so much. #notetoself :(

Do you have any new resolutions? Is it a yearly kinda-thing or on monthly or weekly basis? Oh how was your last year's resolutions, a success? Share with me maybe I can add them to my monthly resolutions. :) Have an exciting and wonderful year everyone!!! 


  1. I do I do, daily basis I think, to be punctual and to improve my stamina. Ani baru naik dua tingkat sudah kapus kapus LOLOLOL

    1. Hehe Hi Wina! Haven't seen you updating your blog lately. To be punctual, that should be my daily too once I get back to work. :P


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