Year End Splurges?

I don't know why but staying at home means I'd be splurging A LOT! Seriously!

Weeks before and after I gave birth to baby Amni, I hauled a lot of baby clothings from Marks and Spencer and Mothercare (both UK and Brunei). I think I've mentioned this before. And I even bought more clothing last week! It was new arrivals so I had to. ☺️

And because I have been seeing a lot of beauty YouTube-ers posting their Christmas/ Holiday gift guides and I tell you it's really bad. It's actually good and nice seeing these "limited editions" but bad for your pockets! In the end, I bought few make ups (less than 5 items, few right? :P). I don't have them with me yet so, I'll do another post when I do.

And then, realising that I'm running out of tops and pants so I finally gave in and bought few tops and a  pant from FashionValet. And today, it's Vivy (co-founder of FV and MD) birthday so they're having a huge sale which I couldn't pass, so I bought few more tops and pants. Seriously, can you blame me? Hehehe.. 

Anyway, enough with the rants. Sprinklerain is having a giveaway. I'm still debating whether I should enter or not. The gifts are temptinggg which means more make ups. HAHA :P

Oh! I've sigNed up to Luvocracy. I'm addicted to it! :D Go sign up!


  1. I'm running out of pants and tops too! Mostly I gave them away and are stored for garage sale but they don't really fit anymore (haha..) and I want to try other style. FV is so addictive! I've been shopping a lot too these days.. Blame it on Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Free shipping, etc.

    Please do enter my giveaway.. Hehe.. The more, the merrier...

    I heard about Luvocracy. I should give it a try though I know it won't be good for my wallet. Lol!

    1. I must admit, shopping online for clothing is much harder than for makeups! Lol! But yes, we 'should' blame it on the Free Shipping and sale especially!!!


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