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2013 Beauty Favourites

** Sorry about the quality of the pictures. Insya Allah will update it as soon as I can with better ones. 
2013 is coming to an end. I'm discovering plenty of beauty products this year. Most of the products are cult products recommended by beauty bloggers and alike. For skincare, I have written products that I'm currently using and loving it for what it does to my skin [here]. On the other hand, for make up I found myself to love lip products more than blushes and face products. And now, I know which shade I prefer and will get a lot of use. Buying beauty products online is tricky (and risky!) so I read a lot of reviews before deciding. Below are the products that I have use a lot this year and been through tests to be able to be in this list.

Favourite Face Products
PrimerMakeUp Academy (MUA) PrimerFoundation/ BB CreamSkin79 VIP Gold BB Cream (not in the picture)Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation in shade 53 Beige ClairCatrice Infinite Matt Foundation in 020 Honey BeigeConcea…

2013 Current Skincare Routine

I think it has been almost a year since my quest finding the right skincare regime for myself. My skin used to be very dry, my t-zone gets super oily quickly. These are the products that I have repurchase a couple of times this year (they last quite long!) and I believe it had helps improve my skin. I have a better skin now although still in the dry to normal skin type. I don't remember when was the last time I had breakouts. That's good, right?  I cleanse my face daily using Bio-Essence Tanaka White Double Whitening Cleansing Foam. I then put few drops of Bioderma on cotton pad as toner and then I use a pump of Laneige Moisture Balancing Emulsion for my whole face. Pat on Laneige Water Bank Essence serum (daily every night for extra hydration). For moisturiser, I use Laneige Water Bank Moisture cream. Every other night I also use Laneige Water Sleeping Pack. Various times in the month, I also use St Ives Moisturising Olive scrub or Good Things Deep Clean Blackhead Exfoliator…

Revlon Colorstay Foundation in 310 Warm Golden

Among my recent haul from Guardian, I bought Revlon Colorstay Foundation in shade 310 Warm Golden. I, as usual read reviews to find out which shade will suits me. When I went to Guardian, I went to the display look for the shade, went to the counter and paid for it. I came home and tried the foundation right away. Swatched it and put a few drops for my face. I looked dark. My face is at least twice darker than my neck. :O I asked opinions from my mom and husband, they both said it IS dark. Even darker after it oxidized.
I was puzzled. I thought I bought the right shade. The testers at the shop is questionable hence I did not tried it. I should have but no. I go back to the reviews again. And apparently I bought the WRONG shade. I was supposed to get 300 Golden Beige (unfortunately not available here!). Both names have "golden" in it, I guess that's where I was wrong. :( I remember the lighter shades available are Sand Beige and Nude. Although.. While I was trying the fo…

Haul | Revlon, Maybelline, NYX

This is my recent haul from Guardian and Shop at Sarah. I need a new foundation as I am saving my Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum foundation for special occasion. After hearing praises for Revlon Colorstay Foundation (even though shades available in this region is rather limited!), I still want to try it. I bought in shade 310 Warm Golden - wrong shade btw! There will be a post about it after this. I also bought the Revlon Colorstay Concealer in Medium which is good I must say. The texture is similar to my favourite Collection 2000 concealer, very pigmented and good lasting power too. I finally bought my first Revlon lipstick - Revlon Super Lustrous Shine in Kissable Pink. I love love the colour! It does not last long, colour is sheer, texture is soft and moisturising and I do not mind applying it again and again. I also bought Revlon Colorstay eyeliner in Blackberry (?!!) I thought I bought Black Brown which is my favourite. Anyway, moving on.. I need backup for my Maybelline Color Tatto…

first time I won a giveaway

Isn't the title obvious? :P I won a giveaway from Sprinklerain last April [here]. I know I knoww.. It was many moons ago and I have been meaning to write this post for so long! Better late than never, yes? ;)

I was going to write a review on every single item included in the giveaway but I have not use most of them. So, I'll write a haul kind of post today. :D

Make up bag which is not in the picture :( Sorry!17 BB Magic Cream17 Face Oil Absorbing Sheets17 Oil Control Make-up Remover Wipes17 Super Fine Foundation Powder in Ivory17 Trio Blush Powder in Peachy Blush17 Trio Eyeshadows in Gilded Rose17 Duet Match Lip Gloss in Neutral Nude17 Va Va Voom Waterproof Volume Mascara Watsons Luscious Cheek and Lip Jelly Color in Pink CherryBioderma for Combination/ Oily Skin As you can see from the picture, I have finished using the facial wipes. It removes all my make-up better as the tissue is thicker than Simple and it does not drying my face. I'm currently still using the face oil …

Haul | Fashion Valet

I made two online purchases from Fashion Valet last week, Monday and Wednesday. I received my orders from DHL just two days after I placed my order. Unfortunately, one of the item came in the wrong size and I have to return it. Thank God for their return policy, I can return the item and they will send the correct one and reimburse my shipping cost. Awesome service! :D

Picture above is only my first order. Didn't get to snap my second order. I'll list down the items I have bought if they still have it in their site in case you like it ;) Caron Boutique shirt [here]Candy Pop pants in Black and Cherry Red [here]Nukleus Cassia Activo Singlet in Purple [here]Skelly in the Closet shirt - not available anymore but the pants [here]Mycase2case iPhone 4 case [here]

Year End Splurges?

I don't know why but staying at home means I'd be splurging A LOT! Seriously!

Weeks before and after I gave birth to baby Amni, I hauled a lot of baby clothings from Marks and Spencer and Mothercare (both UK and Brunei). I think I've mentioned this before. And I even bought more clothing last week! It was new arrivals so I had to. ☺️
And because I have been seeing a lot of beauty YouTube-ers posting their Christmas/ Holiday gift guides and I tell you it's really bad. It's actually good and nice seeing these "limited editions" but bad for your pockets! In the end, I bought few make ups (less than 5 items, few right? :P). I don't have them with me yet so, I'll do another post when I do.
And then, realising that I'm running out of tops and pants so I finally gave in and bought few tops and a  pant from FashionValet. And today, it's Vivy (co-founder of FV and MD) birthday so they're having a huge sale which I couldn't pass, so I bought…

Baby Amni turns One month

Nur Amni Thaqifah turns one month last Tuesday, 3rd Dec 2013. Alhamdulillah.. It has been a great first month. She definitely brings more happiness and joy to our little family. I can't believe myself that I could love this much. Still trying to get her into routine.

On the other note, Ahmad Iqbal is being more clingy than ever during night time. Sometimes I feel like crying seeing him. *sighs* Sometimes its funny, and sometimes its heart-breaking too. People say, "kerebutan kasih" - maybe true, maybe not. I'm trying to give my time as much as possible to both. *btw, both babies are currently taking their nap while I'm typing this! and my babies' daddy too! Hehe*

Baby Amni also had her first month clinic appointment last Wednesday. It was only routine check-up, no injection just yet. They currently giving jab when baby is two month old. Oh! Baby Amni ada ruam all her face for the past few weeks already. At first we thought it was heat rash and was getting bet…

Ahmad Iqbal 2nd Birthday

*latepost* :P
Anyway, we celebrated Iqbal's 2nd birthday last Sunday, 1st Dec 2013 at Sugarbun Hua Ho Manggis mall. What a way to welcome the month of December ey? ;D
Initially, I wanted to have a small celebration at home with our close families and friends. Unfortunately I could not do the preparation, so we decided to have it at a restaurant instead. Insya Allah we'll do a better one next year. :D *can't waitttt*

Below are some of the pictures taken during the function. We invited my brother-in-laws' families too (Mentiri and Rimba families), and of course our beloved Birau families. :D