39 weeks Doctor's Appointment

31.10.2013. I had my last Doctor's appointment in MCH Lambak yesterday. Routine was as usual - weight, blood pressure and urine for sugar. They asked me if I had any labour pain symptoms. I told them that I have been having occasional tightening throughout the day. But mostly at night is quite painful as baby is pretty active squirming inside.

I told the same to the Doctor and she referred me to OB in RIPAS Hospital. Which means if I have any pains, just go straight to labour room. Chief Nurse (Siter) called RIPAS to check a slot for my review and guess what? They asked me to come right away because my previous Doctor, Dr Mary Paul's team's appointment is on every Wednesday and Thursday. Oh greatttt! I was pretty nervous though..

But luckily the Doc only explained to me my options incase I don't give birth on my EDD, they will wait for another week then if still have not give birth, they will induce me to labour. I'm definitely not keen with the last options. And I've been pretty nervous with labour images since this morning. Naik tah BP lagi nie~ ;(

On another happier note, my best friend and my work colleague are both expecting their first baby which due in June next year! Hehehe.. Alhamdulillah and congratulations you both!!! :D

Please pray for my smooth delivery and our baby will be healthy. Amiin amiin ya rabbal 'alamiiinn..