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Current Obsession: The Heirs/ Inheritors

Oh how I love these couple! Ok, maybe not at first. I actually wanted to watch this drama because of the lead actor, Lee Min Ho. I love him in Boys over Flower and Personal Preference . So yes, because of him. <3

Then when I started watching I could not stop. I actually watched episode 1-12 in just two days! And now every week I'm waiting for its two new episodes. It's so dreadinggg! I can't wait to find out what 'surprises' will be reveal in the episodes. Haha..
One of my friend said the teenagers in the drama are too mature to experience the complicated life they're living. From what I read, they are supposed to be mature because of the status they held in the society - the heirs for big companies, stock holders, political and also, the no-status social welfare students. 

If you want to know more, just watch the drama. Im watching from dramago site. I don't download them though and so far, the internet does not disappoint me. ;)

My Next Bag?

I have been eyeing Michael MK Jet Set Saffiano iPad Travel tote for months now. There was a few options but I finally decided on this particular bag which can only be found in Michael Kors official site.

It looks like a normal tote but it actually has a middle zipper compartment which I need especially to put my iPad and wallet. The size 14"x9 1/4"x5" is similar to their small size MK tote. The size is good - not too big and not too small for everyday use although I find the strap for the small tote is a little bit short. 

While the other bag is available in more colours but I do not like the fact that it has lining inside. Since it is a tote, it does not need lining. That's just me. Unless the bag is completely zipped then I do not mind the lining. I hope this bag comes in gold hardware as from the picture it looks like silver hardware but in the description, it says "golden hardware". :/
I'll get this bag in a few weeks and I'll post pictures on…

Mommy's Dilemma

I actually have another post written earlier today. But I've decided not to publish it.

Having a toddler and a baby. Where should I start? It has been over a week since Baby Amni came into our life. Dear Husband and I had to adjust and adapt few things. I have to say, it has been a blessed having dear Husband around. Too bad he's going back to work next week.
Attention. Breastfeeding. Sleep. We need to get into routine quick. It was easier with Iqbal before as I was a stay at home mom. Now that I'm working, I'm not sure how its going to be. With a toddler and two babies under my parents' watch. 
It has been fun as Baby Amni and Baby Sofea sleep most of the time. Iqbal on the other hand, is being 'naughty' and a good brother and helper at times. We try to divide our time as much as possible to have only Iqbal with us, giving our full attention to him. Just him. Sometimes it does made me teary watching Iqbal. ;(

New Arrival

Alhamdulillah.. I think most of you have already knew that I gave birth to our princess last Sunday, 3rd November 2013 (#31113 :P) at 5.59pm in Hospital RIPAS.

I will not be writing a separate post on how the labour went like my previous post with dearest Iqbal. In fact, the process was rather quick this time. Alhamdulillah.. I had mild contractions when I woke up. By noon, I was getting ready for my sister's Nikah that afternoon. It was already past 2pm, the contractions was getting stronger and constant every 8-10mins. Finally gave in not to go to the wedding. Dear Husband had been asking to go to the hospital from noon but I refused. In his term, I was in denial that I was actually in labour.
When we arrived in RIPAS Hospital around 4pm, my parents in law and siblings in law was already waiting. My SIL kindly pushed the wheelchair and Dear Iqbal was being clingy. He didn't want my BIL to carry him. Went into the labour room, I was already 7cm dilated. I told them that I wan…

39 weeks Doctor's Appointment

31.10.2013. I had my last Doctor's appointment in MCH Lambak yesterday. Routine was as usual - weight, blood pressure and urine for sugar. They asked me if I had any labour pain symptoms. I told them that I have been having occasional tightening throughout the day. But mostly at night is quite painful as baby is pretty active squirming inside.
I told the same to the Doctor and she referred me to OB in RIPAS Hospital. Which means if I have any pains, just go straight to labour room. Chief Nurse (Siter) called RIPAS to check a slot for my review and guess what? They asked me to come right away because my previous Doctor, Dr Mary Paul's team's appointment is on every Wednesday and Thursday. Oh greatttt! I was pretty nervous though..
But luckily the Doc only explained to me my options incase I don't give birth on my EDD, they will wait for another week then if still have not give birth, they will induce me to labour. I'm definitely not keen with the last options. And I&#…