Preparation for Baby A.

Today, I have exactly three weeks before my due date. Baby can come out anytime actually so we really need to be prepared.

However, we're a little bit clueless this time. We were more prepared before we had baby Iqbal. It was easier because we didn't have anything baby related stuffs so we had to buy most things. It should be easier the second time, right? But somehow we find it difficult.

Anyway, we tried to train baby Iqbal to sleep on his bed. We bought for him a car bed so that he'll be excited to sleep on it but it's not successful yet until today. He'd only be in his car bed when he's watching his movie, Barney and friends. Hehe.. Well, that counts I guess.

So just in case Baby Iqbal still refuse to sleep on his bed, we need plan B - buy a baby cot for baby A. We managed to find baby crib (swing) from Mothercare today. Had to get it today since it's their last day sale promotion. We bought a playpen for Baby Iqbal before but his cot is now full with his toys' boxes. Our room is definitely getting smaller now! Haha..

Things we need to buy:

1. Pillows and bolster
2. Crib bale (bumper and etc)
3. More clothes.
- I bought few some smaller sizes (early baby) clothing after we had our ultrasound with Dr Ding from Mothercare which might not fit Baby A. now. From the last ultrasound I had, Doctor mentioned that baby is now around 2.3kgs. *slaps forehead* There goes all the clothes! *cries bucket*
4. I'll add more when I can think of something else. Hehehe
5. Barut - 4pcs (velcro)
6. Kain Badung (swaddle) - cotton (mama already bought the kain) and 1 or 2 pcs of the modern swaddle for convenience dear husband :p