Our Sunday

It's almost 4am in the morning. I couldn't go back to sleep. So here I am blogging about yesterday, our Sunday.

We were early birds. My little family and I went to Swensen's for breakfast.

Then we headed to Triple Star in Tg. Bunut for babies' needs. Finally bought a proper car seat for Iqbal. He didn't like it at first (and I think he still doesn't like it yet!) and reluctant to sit on it, but he fell asleep when were on our way home. He even snored! Hehehe.. Poor Baby!

In the afternoon, my big family and I went to the Botanical Garden in Rimba. It was Iqbal's first bus ride. Scared at first but excited to go in for the second time. "Siuk bus", he said when we asked. We took a long stroll there and yes, I walked a lot! Got really tired and hungry. So we went to Kenny Rogers for dinner but they don't have their muffins anymore! Boo! :(

Had a long painful braxton hicks when we were shopping in Giant until we reached home. Sighs! That sums up our Sunday. A fun one indeed! Hope you had a great Sunday too.