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Baby Clothing

I think I went a little bit crazy when it comes to baby clothes. I did the same with Iqbal before he was born until today, and I'm doing the same to Baby A. Well, I love doing online shopping so that makes it even more fun and easier! Hehehe..

For Baby A. I did a little haul from Mothercare especially early baby clothing as I was told that my baby was only 1.8kgs. I also bought a lot from Mothercare UK tiny to newborn sizes and sent it to my friend's sister who was supposed to come back to Brunei early this month. Then I was told she put the clothes in her trunk which will take a while to arrive. So I had to buy few to prepare for Baby A's arrival just in case the clothes I bought do not arrive on time. After that, my friend told me that my baby clothes is otw to Brunei and I've took them from my friend last night. Yayyyy!!! I also bought some for Iqbal. Teehee! :P

And I recently also bought some more from Mothercare Brunei and ordered online from Marks and Spencer UK!…

Our Sunday

It's almost 4am in the morning. I couldn't go back to sleep. So here I am blogging about yesterday, our Sunday.

We were early birds. My little family and I went to Swensen's for breakfast.

Then we headed to Triple Star in Tg. Bunut for babies' needs. Finally bought a proper car seat for Iqbal. He didn't like it at first (and I think he still doesn't like it yet!) and reluctant to sit on it, but he fell asleep when were on our way home. He even snored! Hehehe.. Poor Baby!

In the afternoon, my big family and I went to the Botanical Garden in Rimba. It was Iqbal's first bus ride. Scared at first but excited to go in for the second time. "Siuk bus", he said when we asked. We took a long stroll there and yes, I walked a lot! Got really tired and hungry. So we went to Kenny Rogers for dinner but they don't have their muffins anymore! Boo! :(

Had a long painful braxton hicks when we were shopping in Giant until we reached home. Sighs! That sums up ou…

Preparation for Baby A.

Today, I have exactly three weeks before my due date. Baby can come out anytime actually so we really need to be prepared.

However, we're a little bit clueless this time. We were more prepared before we had baby Iqbal. It was easier because we didn't have anything baby related stuffs so we had to buy most things. It should be easier the second time, right? But somehow we find it difficult.
Anyway, we tried to train baby Iqbal to sleep on his bed. We bought for him a car bed so that he'll be excited to sleep on it but it's not successful yet until today. He'd only be in his car bed when he's watching his movie, Barney and friends. Hehe.. Well, that counts I guess.
So just in case Baby Iqbal still refuse to sleep on his bed, we need plan B - buy a baby cot for baby A. We managed to find baby crib (swing) from Mothercare today. Had to get it today since it's their last day sale promotion. We bought a playpen for Baby Iqbal before but his cot is now full with h…

36 weeks Doctor's appointment

8th Oct 2013.

I went late to the clinic. I didn't want to wait for more than 2 hours like my previous appointment. The good thing is there were not many people this time, so I was only in the clinic for an hour. Surprisingly!
I first had my routine check with the nurse, then went to see the Doctor, was asked to do an ultrasound because of my *cough*low*cough* BMI. So happy and relieved with the ultrasound results. Baby is growing well. Alhamdulillah.. Baby weights 2.3kgs already which is proportionate to my body size unlike when I had Iqbal. But then again, they say when you're carrying baby boy is usually bigger than baby girl.
Eh ermm.. I think you can guess that we're pregnant with baby girl this time. Alhamdulillah.. We're going to have a pair now. Really thankful to Allah for listening and granting our wish. Yes, we already have a name ready for Baby no.2 aka Baby A. ;) Haha semangat!
Oh! I'll have my maternity leave starting this 20th Oct which is in less tha…