Wishlist: New Gadgets

Another weekend wishlist. This time it's not bags or make ups, but gadgets. I'm not really a gadget person, Dear Husband is. I have few gadgets I want to buy over the next few months until I have finally decided.

1. Camera
The last time I bought a compact camera was when I was in the UK, back in 2008 so that I could take a lot of pictures while I was there. Canon IXUS 870 IS. The camera is still working until today, just doesn't get much use anymore.

At the moment, I could not decide between the two newly released compact cameras from Canon - G16 and S120. I was looking at reviews for Canon G15 when I found out that Canon were releasing these two compact cameras this month. Both these cameras have the same specifications and the only difference is the body, while G16 is using more manuals but S120 comes with touch sensitive LCD. I'm definitely clueless with all these technical gadget terms. Sighs!

2. Phone
I'm currently still using iPhone4. Few generations behind and I'm actually quite impressed with iPhone5s new specs especially the camera. I still have not decided whether do I really want it or when should I buy it. I mean, my phone is still in a very good condition although the battery life has worsen a little after the update to iOS7. Other than that, it works just fine and alive! Should I upgrade?

3. Laptop
I have my mini iPad but I can't really do much of my work here. I still need the keyboard and I want Microsoft Excel for more analysis and formulas (not the apple version obviously!). I want the MacBook Air :D and I'll have it in parallel desktop with Windows. But since I'll have my maternity leave soon so I don't need this yet. This can waittt~ but I'm definitely buying this.

Anything in your wishlist? Do share them and why you want it or if you have a better suggestion, that'd be great too! 


  1. Great List! I always love gadget especially when you have a husband who likes to talk about it.. Lol! Anyway, just to add on since I have a a Cannon camera (a gift from Hubby). I have the previous version of the S120 (which is not touch screen) and I love it. I thought about getting G16 but I really want a compact one and easy to use. Heck! I'm still figuring out the functions till today. It's good to capture photo especially makeup products when I'm doing reviews as you can do micro on it. So, it's really up to you but if you really into photography, then get the G16. Otherwise, S120 would be better too. Either way, both are great!

    And yes, I am drooling over the iPhone 5s too! Especially the gold bronzy one. We are on the same page here as I am too still using iPhone 4. And yes, I upgraded to ios7 and I'm not sure if i'm liking it except the fact that the interface looks cooler now.

    We are so spot on. I love MacBook and I have the Pro one just because I want to have the DVD in. I don't think Macbook Air have it. Still, again I'm being bias but I love Apple! Get it Effa~ ;D


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