First Impression: The Cambridge Satchel

I can't do a full review yet as Dear Husband and I have not use the bag. But I'm eager to outline the timeline and share it with everyone. Most of the reviews I read mentioned that they have less than good customer service which is fortunately not in our case.

Let me list down the timeline:

14th Sept - placed my order and received reply from CS.
18th Sept - received an email informed that they have shipped the Music Bag
23rd Sept - Music bag arrived and received an email informed that they have shipped my 11" Oxblood satchel.
28th Sept - my satchel arrived :D

So, everything took about two weeks. Thats really good. For a personalised bag, to me thats a job well done. After all, the bag have travelled around the continents (UK-France-Guangzhou, China-Singapore-Brunei).

my camera doesn't do justice to the colour.
it's the exact colour shown in their site!

I am in love with my satchel!!! It definitely fits my necessities except my bottle water. Hehe.. But thats ok. I can bring it to the car and leave it in there. I cant wait to use it! Mom commented that she used to have this kind of bag too. Classic she said. I told her, thats the reason why I bought it. ;)

What worries me now is that I have a satchel-addiction. I want to order another satchel but from a different company just because every reviews rave about this company. The good thing is they offer more options for customisation. Dear Husband actually prefers this as they offer magnetic closure (less hassle and saves time!) and wants a satchel too. Technically he doesn't own a satchel yet :p That can justify for another purchase! ;p

I might place an order again in the next few months or so. I want a bigger satchel so I can use it for work. I don't think I can use the 11" very often to work since I normally bring bottle water to work. Anddd I'm starting to like smaller bag these days. Hmm that's a good thing, right? Lol!