Can't see you

I had my Doctor's and ultrasound appointment last week on the 10th. Surprisingly - well not really but I usually never waited that longgg! - It took dear Husband and I half a day to finish the appointment. Luckily I applied for half-day leave. Whew! Poor Husband had to leave his work to company me.

We waited for two hours for ultrasound and then, had to meet the Doctor since I was already in 32 weeks. We were excited to know baby's gender but again, Baby no.2 is shy to let us know. Which makes it worst that I don't know what I need and to buy for Baby no.2 ;( I was concerned about baby's weight too but alhamdulillah.. Baby's weight is average, not too small and not too big. I have less than 2 months now til my due date. I'm excited and nervous too at the same time! :/

So my next appointment is on the 8th Oct - again to see the Doctor since I will be in my 36th weeks. I wish to know baby's gender but I'm not sure if we can find a time to go private clinic for an ultrasound. Dear Husband will be super busy at his work with the ASEAN summit coming up next month and we might move to a new office next month an I'll have my maternity leave in the third week maybe (if my calculation is right!). So many things need to be done at work before I have my long maternity leave. 


  1. Weeee~~ Sabar Effa, Baby mau surprise kn both of you jua.. Hehehe.. Though it can be alarming not to know what to buy for the baby if you still don't know the gender. Hehe.. I'm still puzzling now since it's my first time.. keke.. All the best and my pray will always be with you! :)


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