Bag Lust: Cambridge Satchel

When I came across Bagaholicboy's post recently on the newly released The Mini from The Cambridge Satchel, I was reminded that I once wanted to have the bag. So for the past week, I actually have been lusting over the classic Cambridge Satchel. Furthermore, they offer FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING THIS MONTH! I could not let this one pass ;)

So when I browse through the site, I looked at the measurement for the Mini and immediately decided that I do not want the mini bag. I'd buy it for my baby girl though for Hari Raya! Haha.. I was left debating between the Classic in 11" and 13". I knew I wanted the newly added colour to their classic line, Oxblood - a beautiful burgundy colour. I fell in love with the colour at first sight.

pic credit The Cambridge Satchel site
Then I tried to justify why I want to buy this bag now (when baby no.2 is coming some more!). I want a small bag when I go out for quick errands with dear husband. You know, when I do not have to haul a lot of things. I want to be able to bring it to work too when I only need my necessities - wallet, pack of tissue, few lipsticks and a small water bottle. In the end, I decided for the 11" although a 13" one would have more space for other stuffs but I'm trying to limit what I want to carry in my bag. Babies will have a separate bag. Hehe.. 

Good thing is I've placed my order today and I bought another one for dear husband too. For him, I ordered the Cambridge Satchel Music bag as his work bag ;) Can't wait for them to arrive! :D


  1. I love Cambridge Satchel but they can be a bit heavy to carry around. Still a really sturdy and nice bag. I would love to get my hands on the colour ones~ ;p

    1. Which size did you get Sheila? Iman's one mcm light though, I'm not sure about mine. They just shipped it today. :)

    2. I got the 13 inch.. It's all here:

      I love the colour by the way!


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