I'm on leave

I finally can take my annual leave since I've passed my six months probation. Alhamdulillah.. So I decided to continue Hari Raya public holidays and took eight working days leave. That's because I'll have my maternity leave Insya Allah towards the end of October and will only be back by February. I can only brought forward five days of my annual leave hence I'm taking a lot of leaves this month.

Few things happened. My sister gave birth to a precious baby girl on the 14th and my cousin another precious baby girl on the 16th. We went to less houses for Hari Raya this year but managed to go to where we missed last year. On another happier note, my twins uni mates are both expecting. Alhamdulillah.. And also, my friend Gdah and Sheila. Their due dates are close and I'm truly excited and happy for all of them.

Alhamdullillah I'm currently in my 28 weeks and I've been getting baby kicks most of the time. I can't wait to have another ultra sound to confirm our baby's gender so I can shop a little. Clothing especially as I can still reuse some of Iqbal's stuffs. Oh! I have not gain much this pregnancy, it worries me. The Doctor even have prescribed me with iron supplements this time. I pray for nothing but a smooth pregnancy and delivery when the time comes, insya Allah.

OOTD for 1st Syawal