Money Matters Part 2


It has been over a year since my last post on this matter. Alhamdulillah.. I now have a career and I am not planning to 'move' yet. I kinda like what I am doing now. ;)

Dear Husband and I have been discussing about "house" for the past couple of weeks. He has his plans and I do too, which sadly to say it's not the same. Haha! But we have slowly figure things out and slowly plan our future.

Our first step to a better family financial planning is to take Takaful Dream House, insya Allah we will start investing in August. We have decided to take 15 years maturity. Hence, while waiting for our own house, we will be renting Government house by next year. My family is multiplying!! Hehehe ;)

I believe it is a wise decision to start early investing in Takaful Dream House (or any other investments) while you are still young especially when you're planning to have your own house by taking less amount of loan but taking a lot of time. As what dear Husband said, instead of us paying high interest now for taking out loan, why not let the interest pays us first. I was reluctant to his idea at first but seems like it's a better option for now. :))

And for Baby Iqbal second birthday, we will take Takaful Education for him apart from saving at his account in TAIB. Alhamdulillah we can do it on monthly basis now. Insya Allah, Baby no.2 will have his/her own account too when he/she is one month old just like Baby Iqbal and his/her takaful when Baby no.2 reaches two years old.

I am really grateful with our condition now and thankful that we manage to save and 'splurge' sometimes at the same time these days. And I even can help my parents and siblings too. :DD


  1. Aii, siukkkk planning for a house already !!! Hehe. And thanks for mentioning the Takaful Dream House. Will look into it later.


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