Bag Bag Bags

Non-beauty related post. Handbags. I'm having a lot of thoughts on buying bags recently.

For the last two months, I have two new handbags. Michael Kors Selma and Louis Vuitton Alma. They are both in the same size 13"x10"x depth (varies). They both served for different purposes. MK is for work and LV is for event/function. I use my MK tote for going out most of the time and also, my LV Speedy Idylle.

So.. I have been thinking. If I were to buy a new handbag, I want it to be a classic and timeless beauty. As I have mentioned in my previous post, Chanel Classic Flap (black caviar medium gold hardware) is in my wish list and also, Lady Dior (black lambskin medium gold hardware).

I have also added Chanel GST in black caviar with gold hardware and Prada BN1801 in Argilla (or black! Can't decide yet!). And recently I have been debating between LV Totally PM in monogram or LV Tivoli PM in monogram as well. Both will served different purposes. 

As you can see, I have checked LV Alma in my wish list and added few more in my list. Not good right? But only other ladies who love bags as much as I do will understand. ;P

When will I be getting the next bag? Since Chanel requires a huge investment, that will take a few more months for my savings to be sufficient. Chanel GST will be the next bag I'm getting. Can't wait!!! Oh! The size is similar to MK Selma. I hope Dear Husband will be send to Europe (bahahaha but mostly because its a lot cheaper there!) so I can asked him to buy it for me although the other part of me will feel difficult with the situation as baby no.2 is coming soon.. Sighs

*big relieved* Feels so much better letting this thought out. Lol!