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Bag Bag Bags

Non-beauty related post. Handbags. I'm having a lot of thoughts on buying bags recently.

For the last two months, I have two new handbags. Michael Kors Selma and Louis Vuitton Alma. They are both in the same size 13"x10"x depth (varies). They both served for different purposes. MK is for work and LV is for event/function. I use my MK tote for going out most of the time and also, my LV Speedy Idylle.
So.. I have been thinking. If I were to buy a new handbag, I want it to be a classic and timeless beauty. As I have mentioned in my previous post, Chanel Classic Flap (black caviar medium gold hardware) is in my wish list and also, Lady Dior (black lambskin medium gold hardware).
I have also added Chanel GST in black caviar with gold hardware and Prada BN1801 in Argilla (or black! Can't decide yet!). And recently I have been debating between LV Totally PM in monogram or LV Tivoli PM in monogram as well. Both will served different purposes. 
As you can see, I have checked…

I've turned 27

Last Monday was my 27th birthday! 
Yes, this is not my monthly makeup favourite post yet. I just need to type this so I can remember the day. ;)
I had an early breakfast with my sister, Nana and my son, Iqbal and dad at Country Patch in Times Square. Then, I also had lunch with Baby Iqbal and my dad at Faize Serusop. I was craving for dosai actually but none of the restaurants in Serusop served dosai that noon. :( And I still haven't eaten dosai yet until today! Oh, I was working on that day and it was Nisfu Syaaban too. My dad was fasting actually.

And at night, had dinner date with Dear Husband at Kaizen Sushi in Bandar. It is a really nice place. We sat at Teppanyaki bar watching the chefs cooked our and other people dishes. Hehe.. Yes not that romantic but we really enjoyed it. :D Oh! Dear Husband bought me kek batik from RBC. I'm guessing that is supposed to be my birthday cake. Hehe.. And I got Miss Alma as my early birthday present. ;) Bought mini iPad too as a gift for my…

My Bestfriend's Wedding

Last week was my dear best friend's wedding. Friday was her Nikah day at Masjid Ash-Saliheen and I missed their I Dos'. I was working and Dear Husband was caught up with few errands before he could pick me up. Anyway, I'm glad I made it!!! :D

And Sunday was her Sanding day. We were early! So yay!! :P Masha Allah.. My best friend looks really beautiful in her wedding attire.

Congratulations again Dear!!! May Allah bless your wedding throughout your life and have cute babies soon!! ;) We love you!!! ❤


It's really been a while since my last post. Every time when I wanted to do a post, baby Iqbal would definitely has done something and I had to attend to him. Then when I'm done, I'd ended up forgetting to write or sleeping together with him.

I have so many things that I need to update. My monthly favourites, which I think have not change much for the last few months. I have few new additions that I love and constantly using since.

Pregnancy Update Alhamdulillah I am currently 19 weeks pregnant. Half way to go! I have not see my Gynae at the Government clinic but on monthly basis, I have been going to Dr Avinash for check up. Alhamdulillah.. Baby no.2 is doing good. We might be able to find out the gender in my next check up. Being pregnant has been going well too this time except I had severe gastric last week until my doctor gave two days MC. Hehe ;)

KL Trip Update This time around I did not spend a lot on make ups. I do, however bought a clear makeup drawer from Ramona. Luc…