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Long Weekend

May is almost coming to an end, June will welcome itself next. Its mid-year already!! How time flies~

I have mentioned that Dear Husband is off for another work trip to Laos. He's expected to come home Saturday night which will be really tiring for him. Our flight to KL is the next day early morning. But luckily, Dear Husband can come home early! Early as in tomorrow night!! Yayyy Alhamdulillah.. Longer holiday for both of us! :D

While Dear Husband is not home, Baby Iqbal has a slight fever and Dad took care of him very well. I'm so thankful! Although I have been pretty occupied with works lately, I'm glad that Baby Iqbal is still behaving well while Daddy is away. :))

And I still have't write on my monthly favourite post. Sorry! ;)

Someone's coming home

It's weekend and I'm finally not working today! I have been replacing my working time on Saturdays when I had to take leave during workdays.

Anyway, Dear Husband will come home tomorrow from his longer working trip (to Amsterdam and Frankfurt). Yayyy! Unfortunately he will go for another shorter working trip on the 27th May to Laos. :(

I'm glad Dear Husband will be home for his 28th birthday!!! Muahaha :P I'll bring him to a newly found love Korean restaurant in Jangsak, Silla. Dear Bestfriend brought me for lunch there last week and the food are delish!! (and healthier too!) ;)

Last Sunday we went to Pantai Serasa to celebrate my sister's and her husband birthday. It was Mother's day too so we had triple celebration that afternoon. Baby Iqbal was really enjoying himself near the beach too. Hehe too bad Dear Husband missed that fun :P

Oh I can't wait to have him back and the bag he kindly bought for me. Hehehe thank you Syg! :D <3

It's May already!

Salam ladies

I finally have the time to write in my blog. I've miss you dear blog. For the past weeks, life have been quite hectic, both at work and home.

For a week (came home yesterday), dear Husband went to Krabi for a working trip leaving Baby Iqbal and I. Alhamdulillah, Baby Iqbal behaved while dear Husband was away. Another work trip coming soon on this 10th and it will be the longest one. *sighs*

While at work, my team (of 5 including me and another one came on the 1st) moved to a new office, to the first floor. Been liaising with so many people that my work left behind for a while. Alhamdulillah we have settled in at the new office and I think I just got promoted. Role wise. I hope I can deal with that.

I am supposed to write my favourites post for April as well, that's coming insya Allah. Oh I can't wait for our holiday early next month!!! :D