Motivational Talk

I am so excited about today. Yes it's Friday and weekend is coming. But I'm more excited about the motivational talk I attended today with non other the famous Dato' Dr Hj Fadzilah Kamsah. :D

He is so funny, inspiring and motivating too. Today's session was a wake up call especially to dear me. We know about all these but we hardly practise it anymore. It does not become our habit so we tend to forget about it.

Here are some points for tanda org yg bersyukur:
1. Sentiasa patuh perintah Allah SWT
2. Sentiasa berterima kasih sesama manusia
3. Sentiasa memaafkan org lain (elok diamalkan tiap malam sebelum tidur)
4. Sentiasa mendoakan org lain
5. Sentiasa membantu tanpa mengira