Going Neutral

I'm really excited and super happy with my purchases this month.

First, I'm going to talk about Maybelline Color Tattoo in Bad to the Bronze. Finally these came to this side of the world, while the others have been enjoying it since one year ago and they even have come out with new colours!

I was really excited when I found out these color tattoos came to Malaysia last month if I'm not mistaken, or maybe early this month. I doubt that it'll come to Brunei which made me wanting to go to Miri to get it but it arrived!! Yayy!!!

Out of the many, I only bought Bad to te Bronze, and I think I'm going to get Bold Gold and Audacious Asphalt as well. I have to say, the texture is better than Catrice's and Essence's cream eyeshadows. It's really smooth, not too wet and not too dry, a good balance. This is what I have been wearing for the past week. Loving it!

And lastly, I have finally bought a bag for work. Some of you might have guessed it right, I bought MK Selma in Navy. That's the most neutral colour in my opinion thats similar to black. I was surprised when I decided to buy it, it was not available in MK site anymore. Anyway I'm glad Kaki Kecil managed to find it from affiliate site (don't know where!). That's aside, I'm happy that the bag arrived finally!!!


  1. It's so funny though lol. The Color Tattoo (green and orange) creases on me :O but the essence ones doesn't which is weird. I guess it being a bit more harder to get on, works well for my oily lids lol.

    Did you use primer when you used them?

    1. Maybe bcos its different colour so the other creases. Mine is ok, last pretty long bcos at night around 9pm baru I wipe off and still looks ok, colour fades a little though but it didn't crease. Sometime pakai primer, sometimes not but either way both last pretty long.

  2. Cool! I love Colour Tattoos! I have 3 of them now and going to write a review on them soon. They are really nice and really blendable on my eyelid though I used Mac Painterly Paint Pot first. And guess what, you can get it Brunei too. I'm not sure if they have in Guardian but I saw them at Hua Ho supermarket at Manggis mall and I think it's around BND9+. Of course they don't have the new colours but still.. Hehe..

    And O.M.G! You bought the Selma bag! Love it! Always in my wish list! I was looking for it in Edinburgh and London and the black one sold out already! Seeesshh! They only have green and orange which is great colour but.. black is will the colour of my future Selma bag.. Lol! But I ended buying another old collection of them. Hehehe...

    1. So many typos there...
      *black will be the colour of my future Selma bag (Not sure if they still have it though - but if I see one, I'm sold!) ;)

    2. I bought it from Guardian disini, Sheila. It cost B$10 each. After I see reviews from Youtube for other colours atu inda ku jadi beli psl the texture is different than Bad to the Bronze.

      Try to look at Macy's and Neiman Marcus site, I think they still have Selma in black.

      Oh oh! I should've kirim at you MUA eyeshadow palettes (like yours!) ah masatu.. Hehe

    3. ohhhh.. They have it arah Guardian??! hahha.. Di Hua Ho I believe it's few cents less. Hehe... Colour tatoos I bought mostly the natural one and the grey one. Yg colour nda.. baik jua.. Hehe..

      And coolies! Will check it out but maybe not anytime soon unless bonus coming out. Lol! need to set aside to buy house stuff ahhh... Haha.. byk belanja~


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