Visiting Allah's Home

My family (parents and 'single' siblings) departed for their Umrah yesterday. Of course, I feel rather sad and happy, excited for them to finally get to see the Holy Mecca and Medina. The last time was when we went for Haj about 18 years ago. Mom was really excited obviously!!

I have been dreading tomorrow to be honest. Insya Allah, Baby Iqbal will be left with my neighbour while my parents and sister are not here. We have practised a few times already, my sister sent Baby Iqbal to our neighbour to familiarise his new environment. Luckily there will be Balqis and Darwish to play with him. I hope he will be okay. A bit fussy about his nap but I hope they can put him down for his naps.

Permata Hati kami~