So What Happened?

I did not expect this to happen this soon! Ok, I lied maybe I did. A little.

Since my parents and other siblings went for their Umrah, I have been sending Baby Iqbal to my neighbour to babysit while Dear Husband and I went to work.

First day, last Monday was alright. He was all cheerful and happily playing with my neighbour's son and daughter, along with their cousins too. Then Tuesday, he was moody, maybe because he just woke up when we sent him over and he cried. Third day, while walking to our neighbour and in between our houses he cried so hard and refused to let go his dad. And today, our door was not open yet and he already started crying. So what happened?!! ;(

Well, tomorrow is Friday and his dad is around. And so is Saturday as I won't be working. But how about next Monday when we have to send him over and my sister will be having her lectures? Ahmad Iqbal won't be as lucky as yesterday and today!!

Please tell me what should I do? I can't take leave. I'm not allowed as I'm still on probation. I can on one condition that I have to work on Saturdays as replacement which I don't mind but I'm not sure about my boss. Sighs!!


  1. Assalamualaikum Ef,

    I guess he's not feeling comfortable with the situation.. Yet! I remember when I first started working, I have to explained to I'jaz eveyrday and let him see me go off to work every morning creating a friendly goodbye rather than a sad one. Oh, and lunch time as well. He'll cry once in a while but a friendly parting is my way to do it. Every single day...

    1. Waalaikumsalam

      I would ask his dad to send him off actually, rather than me because I would cry when I hear him cry. :( We tried going to our neighbour yesterday, true plng he cried on our way but when he's there.. He played well along with my neighbour's grandson and granddaughter atu. I hope this Monday will be easier, afterall I have two days left this my parents come back :)


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