MUA Haul

They finally arrived!!! :D Yey!! After waiting for over a month, I am so excited and happy to finally see these beauties! The notice from post office came yesterday so I took my items today. I do not like how they package my items, in a big bubble envelope however they kindly wrap the palette and blushes in bubble to secure them, but I would prefer if they put all these in a box since they took over a month to arrive :|

All of these cost £30.50 and I bought them when MUA were having a 50% sale and free shipping. It was totally a great bargain!!! I am just going to list down what I bought ;)

1. Heaven and Earth eyeshadow palette
2. Eye Primer - 2pcs
3. Face Primer
4. Blush - shade 4, 5 and 6
5. Lipstick - shade 9 and 11
6. Every Lash Mascara - black brown
7. Intense Colour Eyeliner - jet black, rich brown and glitter malt chocolate
8. Intense Kiss Lipgloss - Lips are Sealed and Kiss and Make up
9. Cover and Conceal - in Almond
10. Eyebrow pencil - in Brunette

In case you're wondering why there is Catrice Matt Infinite foundation (shade - honey beige) in the picture, that's because I just bought it today :P

After trying few items in my haul tonight :P, I want to get more of their palettes, to complete my blushes and get few more of their lipsticks and lip glosses. *grins* ;)


  1. great haul! tell me if the intense lipgloss any good :p

    1. Hye Dear!

      I did try the lipgloss last night. Its pigmented and not sticky ;D Im happy with it! Hehe

  2. My order hasn't arrived yet :( Here's to hoping it will!!

    I also ordered during the 50% sale :p too bad they didn't have the Undress Me Too yet during that time.

    I think my sis that you're talking about is KT is it? XD Great haul. I wanna post mine too ): hopefully it's not lost in the mail!!

    1. I know righttt.. Undress Me Too launched after the sale kan.. I've put it in my to-buy list *lol*

      I placed my order on 22nd Jan, lama tunggu but so happy it finally arriveddd.. I hope yours will arrive soon! Can't wait to see what you bought hehe..

      Yeap, your sister KT :) Ive been asking for her favour jua to bring back makeup items for me *:)

    2. mine was shipped on the 24th. I have the Heaven and Earth one. I loveeee it XD so travel friendly.

      I also ordered two eye primers. So yeah, i'm hoping it arrives soon ):

      Takut ku my parcel kana target coz I've been ordering a lot lol.

      XD ia banyak tagur aku sal I have a lot of makeup dah~ I want to bekirim LUSH from her though :x

    3. I love to buy things online so yea.. I think org di post office atu pun sangal sudah liat :P Hehhe.. I have Lush lip scrub, its okay laa.. The rest I don't know apa lgi yg bisai

    4. I love the soaps XD I cut them and keep them so yeah. My sis knows how much I love soap in general. Ada lagi sampai ku order dari US XD lol one melted.

      Post office "fermented" it lol


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