March 2013 Favourites

This month has definitely went by so quickly. I don't think I have change my everyday work makeup this month. I have not change much in my daily basket so yes, not many new favourites this month.

But ever since I received my make ups from MUA, I have been loving and using them almost every single day. They have been my favourites this month!

1. Heaven and Earth eyeshadow palette. I am still a beginner, so I can only work with two shades at a time. And I have been using this palette every day for work since, putting aside my cream eyeshadows. I love working with my brushes so that adds more reason to why I love to use this daily for work. The colours are so neutral! Love!

2. MUA Eye primer. This is my second purchase for eye primer and comparing this to Essence, I like this one better. Its more tacky than Essence which makes the eyeshadow last all day (to night!).

3. MUA lipstick in Shade 11. I bought shade 9 and 11, but this one has been my favourite for everyday. It has more orange hint to it, not pink like my other lipsticks and I love it. It has a smell to it, I don't know how to describe but I'm okay with it. I want shade 2 next!

4. MUA blush in shade 6. Out of the three blushes I bought, I like to wear shade 6 the most. It has a golden shimmer to it making it looks like Nars Orgasm (I think!). It also has a nice glow to it which I love. I received compliments wearing this blush from my work colleagues. The other two shades are ok, shade 4 is similar to my MAC Fleur Power (more coral-ish tho) while shade 5 has chunky shimmers to it which I don't prefer.

5. Catrice Matt Infinite foundation in Honey Beige. I knew about this from Sara Hassan's blog. My face looks less shiny by noon when I'm using this as compared to my Max Factor foundation. I have been using this everyday for work and I love it. I usually mix it with my Skin79 Vip Gold BB cream to get the SPF. Both are loves for everyday work makeup.

That's all my favourites for this month. I'm not sure if i'll be having new favourites next month as I'm putting myself on makeup shopping ban til I get to try and use all my makeups. But, I'm definitely getting more from MUA next time! ;)


  1. Liking your March favorite! I'm thinking of writing a post of my favorites too ~ Will see! :D

    1. Thanks Sheila!

      Do write what's your favourites. I'm keen to know! Hehe ;)

  2. The matte foundation makes me curious! I shall browse Catrice. I haven't had the chance to.

    1. Do check the review at Sara Hassan's blog. Its one of her favourite foundation too! ;)


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