Review: Missha Perfect Cover BB cream (No.21)

I will start working tomorrow and I thought it would be perfect to post this tonight.
I am not sure when I can write another post but I do hope I can do it SOON!
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Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream SPF42 PA+++ in 20ml tube

Left: Missha BB Cream (no.21) - grey undertone
Right: Skin79 Snail Nutrition - pink undertone

slightly blended. both creamy and not thick. blends easily.

My thoughts
I have been using this BB cream for over two months but not on daily basis. Recently I wore it almost everyday so that I can give a true and honest review about it. So what is my thoughts on it?

I like to use this during daytime because of its higher SPF than my foundations. This shade No.21 however is a little lighter on my skin tone, probably No.23 will suit me perfectly (I am NC30 in MAC, for reference). So sometimes I also mix it with my foundation for better coverage and lasting power. It gives a natural dewy finish to my face which I like. I definitely have to prep my skin, tone and serum/ essence beforehand without my moisturiser since it has its own moisturising properties.

This BB cream on its own lasts for 4-6 hours and I do have to blot at the 4th hour mark. However it lasts longer when I mix this with my foundation, but losses its moisturising feel after the 6th hour mark then I would spray my face mist to moisturise my face.

Overall, I like this BB cream and I would repurchase this again (in different shade No.23). Important note, this BB cream contains mineral oil and paraben, so if your skin is sensitive to mineral oil, I do not recommend you to purchase this because it may lead to break outs.

Purchase from: Ebay (seller: iamloveshop) for USD9.88 (equivalent to B$12.41, at time of purchase).


  1. I think No.23 would definitely look light on me (I have this on my way from all the way to UK) :( lol but I can't wait to try this out. hee :D goodluck ka Effa on your first day :D

    1. Thank you Dear! :D Do review it once this bb cream reaches you! ;)


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