Officially a Toddler

I have mentioned before that Baby Iqbal had his first independent walk when we were in KL. Alhamdulillah.. So far, he has managed to walk more than 5 steps already but still only short distance walks.

Seeing him walking (sometimes looking unstable too, it amused me!) and rather excited to walk around the house makes my heart melt. My baby has grown so quick! Where did the time go? *sighs*

But nonetheless, I believe that is a sign of his independence which means I can start working anytime now. Although still, I'm a little worried about who is he going to stay at home with. For now, I think I can still count on my sister and dad.


  1. it's really sad kan when we realize our baby basar dh?? last time im packing baju my baby yg nda lagi muat and i was crying because i know he'll tinggal kan his mami ni for another girl.

    1. I'm always teary too when I pack his baju jua. But I didn't really think of the last part you mentioned though. Even for another girl, a son is still wajib to jaga his parents even when he's married, not the same case for daughter. :) Thanks for dropping by! xx


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